Management Consulting & Financial Advisory

Backed by the experience accrued by our top management in the most prestigious, multinational consultancy firms, we are in a position to offer our clients services of the utmost quality that are also available to companies of any size or field of operations.

Strategy & management


We work side-by-side with our clients in drawing up their strategic, industrial and financial plans, helping them to make the most appropriate strategic decisions, and we effectively organise the documentation required for the various objectives. Our projects are always aimed at improving the operational performance of the company and encouraging growth, both by acting on the structure of the operating revenues and costs and by optimising the credit and treasury management. Assistance in the optimisation of the processes, organisation and marketing completes our services.

  • Business plan: this is not merely a bunch of numbers and mathematical calculations but a fundamental opportunity for the development of the business. A complex, highly structured document that incorporates the presentation of the company and its history, an analysis of the target market and the competitive context, an analysis of the main current trends, the opportunities and the threats, guidelines for strategic development and an action plan, with economic, financial and equity forecasts
  • Marketing and Value Innovation: we help with the investment of resources in order to meet the most significant needs of our clients in innovative ways, redefining the contours of the market and the very concept of competition;
  • Management and Treasury control: we support our clients in defining improved processes and implementing the best instruments in order to closely monitor the economic and financial performance of the various corporate business lines;
  • Credit Management: starting with an analysis of the specific circumstances, we assist the company in defining the best instruments for monitoring and managing their clients’ credit risk, concentrating our actions on prevention rather than merely relying on credit recovery processes, by which stage it is often already too late;
  • Organisation: our in-depth analysis of the main corporate processes and the specific action plans agreed with our clients enable the organisation to be adapted in line with business priorities.

Restructuring and Turnaround

We are able to work alongside companies and financial institutions at every individual stage of the reorganisation, swiftly identifying any financial concerns and tracing any problems to their roots. Specific expertise gained over many years operating in the field enables us to guarantee professionalism, transparency and efficiency in managing costs and process schedules.

  • Restructuring Plan: this is the cornerstone of the reorganisation process. We help our clients to draw up the Plan and negotiate with creditors, all the way through to signing debt restructuring agreements;
  • Support for the CFO in Turnaround Processes: every day, we work alongside the CFOs of companies experiencing financial strain, both in the sensitive management of the treasury commitments and in implementing plans following closure;
  • Monitoring the Plan’s Implementation: we oversee the fulfilment of the commitments assumed by the company and the attainment of the objectives laid down in the plan;
  • Structured Finance and Distressed M&A: we take care of the scouting and financial engineering in debt refinancing transactions, as well as the sale of companies or industrial branches.

Finance and Extraordinary Transactions


There comes a time in the life of a company when a proper corporate finance strategy must be put in place alongside legitimate ambitions of industrial growth. We have the experience and skills to help our clients find the most suitable solution: be it bank finance, a merger or acquisition process or finding resources on the capital markets.

  • Information Memorandum: we make available to potential investors a detailed document presenting the company, its historic results, the context of the market in which it operates and the strategy it intends to pursue;
  • Private Equity operations: through our established network, we put our clients in touch with the main players in the capital market, structuring deals that meet their requirements and expectations;
  • Issuing Mini-bonds: we were among to first in Italy to consider and use this instrument, an innovative and complementary alternative to traditional bank finance;
  • M&A operations we assist companies at all stages of the process of growth through acquisitions: from screening the target companies on the market to management of the post-acquisition integration. We help our clients during the sale of business/company branches: from the analysis of the strategic appropriateness of the transaction to screening potential buyers, all the way through to completion of the deal.