Digital Strategy & Innovation

We are able to provide, as appropriate, the most suitable, tailor-made assistance for the client’s needs, providing the company with the instruments required to listen to the market, communicate with its target audience and gather feedback in order to improve its positioning in the virtual world and, by reflection, in the real one. We can assist clients with the idea generation process and the development of new products, entry into new markets and the management of new clients, including through our office in Singapore.

Creative Development

We work side-by-side with our clients, analysing the needs of the key market and the activities of the competition in order to put forward effective messages, based on creative and original concepts that have real impact. Form, colour, structure and textual content are skilfully brought together in order to reach the defined target and the sought-after user experience. We are engaged in the whole process of content production: from a banner or a flyer for an advertising campaign to a presentation or video, a social network profile, a website or an app. We collaborate with professionals in the field on specific development activities, with special care devoted to debugging and ensuring the utmost quality of the products and the most effective customer experience.


Digital Marketing


We take all actions designed to generate the right kind of traffic on an internet site or a web page. We draw up and implement communication strategies and ad hoc content in order to appear among the top results of the search engines (SEO). We define, plan and manage all types of web marketing campaigns: Google Adwords (Search and Demsplay), Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, in addition to specific retargeting campaigns. We are engaged at every stage of the implementation of Digital Marketing, carefully monitoring the results through the most widely used analytics in order to quickly make adjustments and optimise the return on investment.

Social Media Managing

Depending on the client’s key market, we analyse the potential benefits of establishing a presence on all the available social networks, then develop the most appropriate social strategy. We create social profiles on the platforms that best meet the requirements of the company and its strategic objectives, working alongside the client’s marketing managers in the day-to-day management of the social network pages, providing an extremely flexible service, available twenty four hours a day. We develop and manage specific campaigns of interaction, engagement and gamification in order to ensure the brand gains maximum visibility and builds up the loyalty of the target clientele.


Digital PR


On the basis of the strategic objectives, we support the client in defining the characteristics of the target audience to which the message is to be conveyed (targeting activity). We independently identify the contacts that best correspond to the characteristics of defined profiles, developing specific mailing lists. We draw up press releases, newsletters and specific content to be conveyed through email marketing activities. We manage the entire process of sending press releases and newsletters – including through the use of proprietary software – and engage with the press and media through our collaborative relations with professionals in the field.